Other accessory vehicles

Tarpaulin covered trailers

Our motor pool disposes with 6 semi-trailers/towing trucks with the carrying capacity of 25 t, and volume of 26 industrial palettes, i.e. 34 Euro-palettes, which are used for transport of paletted cargo. We also dispose with two special purpose trailers-tarpaulins with a bed for the needs of transport of sheet metal in rolls.

Transport of Styrofoam is carried out by truck with the belonging trailer and the volume of 100 m³, namely 3 and 8 t of carrying capacity.

In addition, we also dispose with 8 tarpaulin-covered truck of Atego make that are used for distribution of Propane-butane canisters for households and industry, and transport of paletted cargo. The carrying capacity of these trucks is 5 t.

The motor pool also includes one tarpaulin-covered truck of Iveco make with the carrying capacity of 10 t.

Dump trailers

We dispose with 3 dump semi-trailers with the carrying capacity of 23.5, 24.5, and 28.5 t for transport of bulk materials, such as building material, agricultural produce, and goods in bulk.

Plateau trailers

Plateau trailers are used for transport of working machines, with the total useful carrying capacity of 25 t. We have two such trailers in our motor pool.

Trailers for transport of oversized cargo

We dispose with 2 special purpose trailers for the needs of transport of oversized cargo, namely the cargo that exceeds normal cargo limits by its dimensions and weight.

Special tank truck for transport of cement in powder

The volume of this tank truck amounts to 33 t.

Auto mixer for transport of concrete

We own two mixers for transport of concrete with the carrying capacity of 15t