The largest part of operations refers to transport and distribution of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) for the needs of the Company Euro Gas and white fuels for the Company Euro Petrol. We provide following services within our activities:

  1. Transport and distribution of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and propane butane containers for households and industry
  2. Transport and distribution of “white fuels” (petroleum, diesel, Euro diesel)
  3. Transport of bulk cargo (gravel, sand, agricultural produce, and other bulk commodities)
  4. Transport of paletted goods (juices, beer, flour, cans)
  5. Transport of styrofoam
  6. Transport of sheet metal in rolls
  7. Transport of concrete (in mixers of 6 m³ and 12 m³)
  8. Transport of cement (in bulk in special tanks/cisterns)
  9. Transport of non-standard dimensions cargo (exceeding the dimensions of a normal cargo in terms of dimensions and weight)
  10. Rent-a-Car
  11. Workshop for earthworks – service for the company’s own needs and for the needs of third persons

Considering the scope of business activities, we dispose with a rich motor pool that includes more than 60 freight vehicles of different purposes of use and carrying capacities, and 50 passengers’ vehicles. For the needs of earth works we dispose with 5 specialised working machines.